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Here you will find many tips for responsible and sustainable travel. There are also many exciting stories waiting for you about great encounters and experiences that sustainable travel can bring! Get inspired by many beautiful nature and landscape pictures. It is up to all of us to protect this fragile beauty of our earth.

Über uns


Iris Joschko

The beauty of nature and animals fascinate me incredibly. They are indescribable feelings of happiness that I feel when I can look into a deserted expanse or see a wild animal. It is important that we all travel more responsibly so that many more people can experience the beauty of our planet!

Last year I finished my PhD in environmental psychology. With this background and my wealth of knowledge I can give you all sorts of tips on how to travel responsibly and sustainably. Because often small actions can make a big difference.

I have traveled the world since I can remember and I have visited over 36 countries on all 6 continents. Currently I am travelling with my dog Zuri for 5 months with my Ebike through Europe.


-A miracle on four paws-

Australian Shepard in Norway

Zuri is an Australian Shepard. She has been with me for four incredible years now. This is the greatest and most beautiful miracle I have experienced lately. Six months before my mother died of cancer, she was born in our house. When she was around 8 months of age she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The doctors said that they had never seen such a big thing in such a young dog and that there is no chance of a cure. They gave her a maximum of one year to live. How good that dogs do not understand a diagnosis or are discouraged by it. Almost three years later, she is still the happiest, friendliest and good-natured dog I know. When she was two years old, she was even run over by a car and after that she only had abrasions.

She shows me every day that life is full of joy, but you don't know when it's over and that I should spend it with something that fulfils me.

Since she sat next to me at my desk so patiently for the past four years, I would like to thank her by giving her the great journey and adventure she loves and more than deserves with a 5-month European Ebike tour! Be curious!

Anika und Kira

Dear travellers and globetrotters...

We are Anika and Kira, identical twins who often travel in foreign countries and cultures. After school, for example, we travelled through Europe in a VW bus for 7 months. We not only saw an incredible number of beautiful places and met nice people but also had the opportunity to develop ourselves personally. While travelling we want to immerse ourselves as intensively as possible in the local culture and exchange ideas with locals. We also love to spend our time in nature. We support our friend Iris on her website by sharing our diverse experiences with WorkAway, Couchsurfing, hitchhiking or sleeping in the great outdoors in countless countries.

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